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A list of the Patch Success features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

New Features

  • Patch Success 1.2.104¬†is included in Tachyon Platform 5.1

  • No changes to this application for this release.

Release History

Patch Success 1.2.104

  • Patch Success 1.2.104 is included in Tachyon 5.1
  • No changes to this application for this release.

Patch Success 1.2

  • Patch Success 1.2 is included in Tachyon 5.0
  • The Patch and Device details pages now allow updating of all devices and patches for a given patch or a device respectively
  • Performance improvements.

Patch Success 1.1

  • Patch Success 1.1 is included in Tachyon 4.1
  • The Patch performance dashboard tile can now be used to interactively filter the page
  • A new Monitoring menu has been added that displays the history and responses for the Patch Success instructions
  • Download only¬†functionality
  • Integration with Guaranteed State via CM Patch Health policy link.

Patch Success 1.0

  • Patch Success 1.0 is introduced in Tachyon 4.0
  • Patch module included in Tachyon Agent 4.0