Version: 2



The Sentiment page provides charts that focus on the Sentiment scores in Experience. You can also change the layout to add tiles for any User Sentiment Surveys you have created.

The Sentiment page

On this page:

The Sentiment page

This page is the dashboard for monitoring your network's User Sentiment score and any User Sentiment Surveys you have created. 

Editing and storing the Sentiment page layout

To display your own User Sentiment Surveys on the Sentiment page you click on the Edit Layout button to add the new metrics that are related to the Surveys. Once you have configured


You can apply filters and different breakdowns for the data displayed on the Sentiment page.

User sentiment - Latest Score tile

The default tile displayed on the Sentiment page is the User sentiment - Latest Score tile. This shows the latest User Sentiment score along with comparisons between the current date and those of 7, 30, 60 and 90 days ago. If you don't have enough data yet the relevant section of the Compared to column shows the text N/A to indicated that it's not applicable.

User sentiment page

Clicking on the User sentiment - Latest Score tile displays the User sentiment page. Here there are tiles for the Score, Poorest Devices, User sentiment, Experience and Grading.

User sentiment Score panel

Clicking on the View Detailed Data button on any of the tiles displays the User sentiment Score details, as shown in the picture opposite, which is a list of the devices and their current User sentiment scores. From here you can navigate to a device page by clicking on the device's FQDN, or make a selection and click on the Explore button to open the Explorer Application with the selected devices set as the scope.