A list of features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

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This 4.0.100 maintenance release contains the following new features:

The main 4.0 release introduced the following new features:

  • PXE Everywhere Agent is now a client module of 1E Client 5.1 available for x64 and x86 platforms. Please refer to 1E Client 5.1 - Implementing 1E Client for more details.
  • PXE Everywhere Responder (used to support DHCP Snooping) now has its own installer to replace Static Responder mode of the Agent, as described in Installing PXE Everywhere Responder, and has been recompiled as x64 instead of x86.
  • PXE Everywhere has replaced PXELite name throughout the product, with a few exceptions:
    • The PXE Everywhere website and Application Pool is still called PXELite
    • The registry root for PXE Everywhere Central is still PXELiteCentral
    • The registry root for PXE Everywhere Responder is still PXELiteServer.
  • UpdateBootImageGUI is included in the PXE Everywhere download zip.

PXE Everywhere 3.2 features

PXE Everywhere 3.1 features

PXE Everywhere 3.0 features

PXE Everywhere 2.3 features

PXE Everywhere 2.2 features

This version addresses a vulnerability in the PXE Everywhere Local Host's use of Trivial File Transfer Protocol (FTFP). In earlier versions the TFTP server running on the remote host was vulnerable to a directory traversal attack that could have allowed an attacker to read arbitrary files on the remote host by pre-pending their names with directory traversal sequences. If you are running PXE Everywhere Local Host v2.1 in your environment, we recommend you upgrade all end-points to the latest version of the PXE Everywhere Local Host at your earliest convenience.

PXE Everywhere 2.1 features

PXE Everywhere 2.0 features