A checklist of infrastructure prerequisites and dependencies that most organizations would require in order to install Nomad.

Installation account permissions

InstallerRights required

Nomad client is now part of the 1E Client. Please refer to 1E Client 5.1 for details of how to deploy the 1E Client with the Nomad client enabled.

Local Administrator

Download GUI tool installer for optional installation on clients: NomadBranchGui.msi.

This is a troubleshooting, testing, and administrative tool only. It should not be installed generally on devices in your network.

Local Administrator

ConfigMgr console extensions: NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi

ConfigMgr administrators use console extensions to configure Nomad content download, custom task sequence steps, The Nomad Dashboard and Nomad Download Pause features.

The installer should be run on all Windows workstations and servers that have Configuration Manager Console installed, including Site servers.

Local Administrator

ConfigMgr OSD Tools: NomadBranchTools.msi

The installer copies the Nomad binaries to the ConfigMgr site installation folder .\OSD\bin\<Architecture> on the SMS Provider server. This enables the files to be injected into the OSD boot image allowing Nomad to be used during the WinPE deployment phase. The installer will also extend the ConfigMgr site WMI namespace to include definitions of the 1E Nomad built in task sequence steps.

The installer must be run on all Site Servers (except Secondary) and all SMS Provider servers. Specifically servers which Configuration Manager Consoles may connect to.

Local Administrator