A list of all the platforms supported by Application Migration and the software required to allow Application Migration to be installed and work correctly.


Tachyon Server components

This version of Application Migration requires Tachyon Platform 5.2. Only the Tachyon Master Stack is required, a Response Stack is not required unless you also want to use Tachyon's real-time features. Because Application Migration is an application on the Tachyon platform, the list of Supported Platforms for Application Migration is identical to Tachyon Platform 5.2.

System Center Configuration Manager connector

The list below shows the versions of Configuration Manager supported by Tachyon Platform 5.2, please refer to Tachyon Platform 5.2 - System Center Configuration Manager connector for detailed prerequisites and configuration.


1E Client

This version of Application Migration requires 1E Client 5.2 with the Shopping client enabled. Shopping client provides WSA features.


PowerShell 4.0 or later (included in Windows 8.1 and later) is required by the  Application Migration Task Sequence step. The  step executes in a Configuration Manager OS deployment task sequence after the new OS is installed.

If you are deploying Windows 7 images, upgrade PowerShell in the image or install it using a Task Sequence step before executing the Application Migration step.

1E Companion Products

Constraints of Legacy OS