A list of the feature dependencies between Application Migration and other 1E companion products.

To view the general platform related dependencies for Application Migration please refer to Supported Platforms.

1E companion products that depends on

Supported versions of 1E companion products that features depend on.

Products and features that Application Migration depends onSupported versions of companion products

Required by all Application Migration features. The Tachyon Platform 5.2 Master Stack installation is required with the System Center Configuration Manager connector enabled. The Tachyon Response Stack is only required if you will be using additional Tachyon real-time features outside of Application Migration.

  • Tachyon Platform 5.2
  • Tachyon Platform 5.1
1E Client

1E Client, with Shopping client enabled, needs to be deployed to devices if using Application Migration with 1E Shopping and Windows Self-service Assistant (WSA).

1E Client, with Tachyon client enabled, does not need to be deployed to devices unless Tachyon real-time features are required by other 1E applications.

  • 1E Client 5.2
  • 1E Client 5.1
  • 1E Client 5.0
  • 1E Client 4.1

1E companion products that depend on

Supported versions of 1E companion products with features that depend on.

Products and features that depend on Application MigrationSupported versions of companion products
ShoppingSelf-service OS deployment integrated with Application Migration. Optional feature.
  • Shopping 6.1
  • Shopping 6.0
  • Shopping 5.6