is a wizard that assists Configuration Manager with deployment of 1E clients, guiding you through common settings for clients and deployments.

1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA) was previously known as 1E Endpoint Agent Installation Solution Accelerator (EAISA) or Endpoint Agent Installer (EAI).

To start the CDA wizard, run 1EClientDeploymentAssistant.exe (using Run as Administrator) which prompts for the following:

It creates the following:
  • a MST transform file for each MSI containing your chosen settings 
  • optionally creates applications and packages in Configuration Manager - although this is optional you must have a connection to a Configuration Manager site
  • optionally creates deployments and collections for the applications
  • optionally distributes source files to Distribution Points
  • an answer file which records the chosen settings (the wizard uses a template answer file which controls the default settings seen in the wizard).

1E Client Deployment Assistant (CDA) is provided as a zip which you extract on a computer that has the Configuration Manager console installed. Windows ADK (with WinPE add-on) is also required locally if CDA is used to configure a deployment of PXE Everywhere.

 contains the following product versions:

CDA 1.4.200 onwards support MSP patch files. You can replace any .msp included in the zip by downloading the latest from the 1E Support Portal, or you can delete any .msp file if you have alternate methods of deploying patches.