AppClarity Management Groups

Customize the AppClarity Management Group label

Installations and licenses for a large organization are typically not managed by one group of people. Organizations usually divide asset management into multiple groups and delegate management of each group to different teams. AppClarity uses the term Management Group to describe the way assets are managed. The term to describe this functional group may differ from organization to organization – terms such as business units and cost centers are essentially different names that apply to the same concept. For this reason, the Management Group label can be customized to align with the terminology used in your organization.

It may be useful in some organizations to use a term such as 'Cost Center' or 'Business Unit' instead of 'Management Group'. AppClarity allows an administrator to define their own term for Management Group as it appears in the console by modifying values in the SiteSettings table in the AppClarity database. The following example SQL query could be used to change the label for Management Group to Business Unit. The AppClarity console will need to be closed and reopened for the changes to reflect.

UPDATE [SiteSettings] SET uss_ManagementGroup_ManagementGroupLabel='Business Unit'
UPDATE [SiteSettings] SET uss_ManagementGroup_AllManagementGroupsLabel='All Business Units'

Categorizing applications

AppClarity uses the containers to categorize discovered software running on devices on the network. The raw data is collected by ActiveEfficiency from its data sources and stored in the AppClarity database. The four categorizing containers are: