You can set up recipients for email notifications when a license is due to expire or when a product is non-compliant,

To do this:

  1. Click the Configuration icon  to the left of the Console.
  2. On the Configuration screen, click Email.

  3. In SMTP Server:, enter the name of your SMTP server.
  4. In SMTP Port:, enter the port number for the SMTP server.
  5. In Sender Email Address:, enter the email account used for AppClarity notifications – in case anyone replies to the email notifications. The notation for the email address is:

    <Sender Name> <Sender Email Address>

    . For example, if you are setting this up for ACME Inc, the notation to use is:

    "AppClarity Notifications"
  6. If you want to send email notifications for licenses that are due to expire, tick the Send notifications when licenses are due to expire checkbox.
  7. If you want to send email notifications for non-compliant products, tick the Send notifications when a product is non-compliant or is at risk of non-compliance checkbox.

For a user to receive notification emails:

AppClarity sends email notifications once every 24 hours and email is an aggregate of the notifications for the previous 24 hours.