An overview of Nomad features and enhancements.

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Distributing software with Nomad and Configuration Manager

Full control over WAN link usage

Overall bandwidth usage throttling

Maximizing download speed for high-bandwidth links using Dynamic Block Sizes

Download once to branch

Nomad master elections

Download resumption and consistency checking

Download resumption

Consistency checking

Cache management

Remote differential compression integration

The Nomad Dashboard

IPv6 and DirectAccess support

App-V support

FIPS compliant communication encryption

Nomad Pre-caching

Single-site download

Peer Backup Assistant (PBA)

Single Site Peer Backup Assistant (SSPBA)

Deploying Office 365 updates

Integrating with WakeUp

Peer copy over HTTP or HTTPS

Nomad FanOut

OS deployment task sequences

Client health

Nomad SECure

The Download Monitor

Cloud Support

The Nomad Baseline Wizard

Managing large package distribution with multicast