Upgrade paths

As a general rule, we recommend you upgrade Shopping to the latest version before it goes out of support. The Shopping 5.5 installer will handle upgrades from Shopping 5.3 or later. If you are attempting to upgrade from earlier versions, contact 1E support for the best approach. The Shopping Central component now requires ActiveEfficiency Server 1.9.910 or later.

Pre-upgrade steps

When upgrading a production system, we recommend the following to avoid any potential loss of data or service to users:

  1. Always make an SQL backup of the Shopping2 database.
  2. Always make a backup of the contents of the %Program Files%\1E\Shopping folder.
  3. Always make a copy of the following registry key and its subkeys HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\1E\Shopping

GlobalResources modifications

If you have modified the GlobalResources folder, either for the purposes of re-branding the Shopping Website or for localzation, make a backup of it: %Program Files%\1E\Shopping\Website\ShoppingAPI\GlobalResources

This is necessary as the upgrade process will overwrite any existing files with the same name. You will need to merge your existing copy of the GlobalResources folder with the newly installed files. For details on how to do this contact 1E support.

Website customization modifications

Take a backup of any Shopping Website files that have been customized. However, you should note the following when upgrading:


The Shopping 5.3.1 Web portal pages have been completely re-designed, if you have previously made customizations to the Shopping website you will need to look at the Customizations page to see how to re-design your modifications to fit in with the new Shopping website.

Steps to upgrade Shopping

  1. Perform any necessary pre-upgrade steps.
  2. Run the Shopping Central installer to upgrade Shopping Central components. Refer to Upgrade Shopping Central for detailed instructions on upgrading Shopping Central
  3. Run the Shopping Receiver installer on each Configuration Manager Primary Site to upgrade all Shopping Receivers. Refer to Upgrade the Shopping Receivers for detailed instructions on upgrading Shopping Receivers.

    If you are migrating to a new Shopping 5.5. server (rather than upgrading an existing Shopping installation), you can have different versions of the Shopping Receiver installed on the same ConfigMgr Primary Site to support the migration process. Use the side-by-side option in the installer.

  4. Verify Shopping functionality.
  5. Plan and deploy the Tachyon Agent. Refer to Replace the Shopping Agent with the Tachyon Agent for detailed instructions on how to deploy the Tachyon Agent to replace the existing Shopping Agent.
  6. Perform any necessary post-upgrade steps.

Post-upgrade steps