A list of the 1E Experience features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

New features in

  • Works with Tachyon 5.1
  • The 1E Experience score has been greatly enhanced to include User Sentiment - this means that, not only can you monitor the stability, responsiveness, and performance of the devices on your network to deduce your end-users satisfaction with their IT services, you can send out surveys and incorporate your end-users actual feedback directly into the picture. For more information on this subject please refer to Getting feedback via User Sentiment Surveys, where you can find a complete end-to-end use case on creating, deploying, responding and processing responses to User Sentiment Surveys.
    • The 1E Experience score displayed on the Overview page includes user sentiment values, please refer to The Scores for more information.
    • The Categories page includes a Sentiment tile showing the current User Sentiment score.
    • The Sentiment page lets you view the User Sentiment score on its own and drill down to view users and monitor their feedback and pain points.
  • End-User Surveys - two types of survey are supported: User Sentiment and General Purpose. User Sentiment Surveys contribute towards the 1E Experience score, General Purpose Surveys can be used to ask one-off questions of your end-users and get their feedback on any issue. The Surveys page is where you can create, enable and deploy surveys.
  • A Users page is provided that lets you get information on the end-users on the devices in your network. Please refer to the Users page for more details.
  • Customize the 1E Experience pages to view the interactive charts you want to focus on - including the display of the results from your User Sentiment surveys on the Sentiment page.

1E Experience 1.0