An overview of all the Tachyon features and enhancements.

 The page provides a brief overview of each feature and links to other pages with more detail.


Tachyon provides a Tachyon Setup wizard that installs all the separate parts of the Tachyon Platform using their individual installers. It is used to validate a server prior to running the installers, and supports a range of configurations as described in Design Considerations: Tachyon Setup configuration choices.

1E Client installers are also provided for Windows and packages for supported non-Windows OS.

1E Client Deployment Assistant is a wizard that assists Configuration Manager with deployment of 1E Client and other 1E client agents, guiding you through common settings for clients and deployments.

Explorer features

Guaranteed State features

Patch Success features

Settings features

The Tachyon client

The Tachyon client is a feature of the 1E Client. On Windows devices, the 1E Client provides client features and modules for other 1E products. On non-Windows devices, the 1E Client only provides Tachyon client features.

Tachyon enables rapid response to instructions using the Tachyon client, which supports the retrieval of information, running actions and device tagging. The 1E Client can also be extended to support additional features. On Windows OS, the 1E Client is installed as a service, with a small footprint.

Tachyon Activity Record feature

System status bar and notification area

Tachyon includes a system status bar that displays the number of Tachyon instructions in progress and current and historical connectivity information for the total number of devices connected to Tachyon.

The notification area provides information on the logged on user or administrator and access to their notifications.


Tachyon uses certificates on the Tachyon Server and Tachyon client devices to maintain the security of the system. Any custom Instructions must be code-signed with a certificate that has been registered in your 1E license before they can be run in Tachyon. 

The certificates feature includes:

  • Support for Cryptographic Next Generation certificates

  • Upgrade to latest version of OpenSSL v1.0.2h

  • Security to enforce Tachyon client device certificates

Tachyon integration

Tachyon can integrate with 3rd party products. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, it can use 1E Nomad to add content download capabilities, provides a fully-featured consumer API and can even be used as a response delivery mechanism by 3rd party applications.

Consumer management

Tachyon provides a dedicated page where the 3rd party consumers can be enabled and managed by Tachyon Consumer Administrators, as described in Tachyon Platform 5.2 - Using Settings: Consumers page.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager console integration

Configuration Manager users can use all the features of Tachyon from within the Configuration Manager console.

  • Run questions and actions that target the devices in Configuration Manager collections.

Tachyon client integration with 1E Nomad to enable efficient download of content

Tachyon can leverage the features of the industry-respected 1E Nomad to enable content to be downloaded to the Tachyon client device. Using 1E Nomad provides the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduces the bandwidth required for delivering software
  • Small offices or sites connected via poor network links can receive software updates more reliably
  • Reduces the need for large numbers of Configuration Manager servers
  • Faster Configuration Manager implementations because fewer servers are required
  • Distribute software to home, mobile and remote office users
  • Low cost – easy to deploy
  • No new infrastructure or skills required
  • Reduces software distribution costs

The feature is a set-and-forget option on the Tachyon client. By default it is enabled and means that Tachyon will automatically use Nomad to download content if it is installed on the Tachyon client device (Nomad is currently supported on Windows devices only). The prerequisites for using Nomad are given on Tachyon Platform 5.2 - Supported Platforms: Other Software Clients. The options for configuring Nomad integration are 1E Client 5.2 - Tachyon client settings: NomadContentDownloadEnabled and 1E Client 5.2 - Tachyon client settings: NomadContentDownloadTimeoutSecs in the 1E Client configuration file.

Tachyon consumer API

Tachyon implements a complete API for controlling the questions, answers, responses and workflows that implement the Tachyon features for third-party applications including ServiceNow.

The Tachyon API feature includes:

  • Consumer API versioning
  • Improved version and error reporting support in Consumer API
  • Extended RBAC API extensions for consumers

Tachyon can offload responses directly to 3rd party applications

Tachyon can be used as the means to gather data for 3rd party applications. Using its fast response time to gather the data it can then be configured to pass the data on without storing it locally. The offloading is configured for each consumer on the Consumers page, please refer to Tachyon Platform 5.2 - Consumers page. To use this feature the consumer must be configured to use the offloaded responses data.