Allows devices to communicate with devices other than the Tachyon Switch and Background channel servers.
This is intended to be used after QuarantineDevice.

Changes made to routing tables, the hosts file, or IPv6 bindings during quarantine will be lost, as the agent will attempt to revert modifications it made back to a pre-quarantine state.

Ensure you understand the impact of using the Quarantine feature.

The quarantine methods are not suitable for use from TIMS (Tachyon Instruction Management Studio), mainly because of what they do (cut off the device from most connections) but also because no Tachyon Switch is involved with TIMS.


Reboot (bool, optional, default false): Reboot the device after Unquarantine. New in v8.0

Return values

Status (string): The quarantine status. If the response is a success, this will be NotQuarantined.

If the device was already not in a quarantined state, the action is successful but nothing is returned ("success no content").



Security.UnquarantineDevice(Reboot: true);

  • Windows
  • Quarantine requires working persistent storage.
    • If persistent storage is removed or corrupted during quarantine, the agent will be unable to revert to an unmodified state.
  • Upgrading the agent whilst under quarantine is not supported or recommended.
  • Rebooting device after Unquarantine operation can solve localhost connection issues