Get details of running applications.

Return values

For each current application:

    • ProcessId (string): The PID of this process, 0 if none found.
    • UID (string): The User ID of this process.
    • ProcessName (string):  The process name.
    • ImportanceLevel (string): The relative importance level that the system places on this process.
    • ImportanceReason (string):  The reason for this importance level.


  • Android

This method and OperatingSystem.GetProcesses are not supported on Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow) onwards. These methods use the full list capability which has been removed by Google as a potential security issue. An app now only has access to the list of processes it has created either directly or indirectly. To maintain privacy, each app is sand-boxed and if an app wants to use resources or information outside of its sandbox, it has to explicitly request permission from the user.

This method is only supported on versions of Android prior to version 6.0 where applications like Tachyon had access to the full list of all processes running on the device. It provides a higher level view than  OperatingSystem.GetProcesses (which harvests its data from the ps command). This data lists all the applications initiated by the Android Zygote daemon.