A table of the Windows installer properties for the Content Distribution installer.

Mandatory properties must be provided when installing using a command-line.

The installer file is: ContentDistribution.msi




Name of the Configuration Manager Site server. ContentDistribution will fetch CM database details for synchronization. 

The Content Distribution installer connects and reads the root\sms WMI namespace on ConfigMgr site server to get the associated SMS Providers and their details. Query - SELECT SiteCode, Machine, NamespacePath FROM SMS_Providerlocation WHERE ProviderForLocalSite=TRUE. The connection could be locally or remotely depending on where the SiteServer is. Then connects to each SMS Provider WMI Namespace \\providerfqdn\root\sms\site_XXX one by one and uses the one it is able to connect to get the details like SMS DB Name and ServerName etc. The WMI Access could be local or remote depending on where the SMS Provider is. Query - SELECT * FROM SMS_SCI_SiteDefinition WHERE ItemName = "Site Definition" AND SiteCode = "XXX".

You can also provide a SMS provider server name as value of CMSERVER property but in that case only that provider will be tried and if installer fails to connect to it, no other sms provider associated with the site will be tried.


localhostYesName of the SQL Server instance where the ContentDistribution database is installed.


Name for the ContentDistribution database.



If set to 1 on the command-line, it drops the current ContentDistribution database during installation. The default behavior for this property is to not drop the old database.

Exercise caution when using this option as any existing data will be deleted. Do not use this option if you want to preserve your existing data.


C:\Program Files\1E\ContentDistribution
The installation directory in the Destination Folder screen.



The interval (in minutes) before the next data synchronization takes place between Nomad and Configuration Manager. The valid range for this interval is between 5 and 1440 (1 day) minutes. If you set the interval below the lower limit, it defaults to the minimum (5 minutes). Similarly, if you set the interval above the upper limit, it defaults to 1440 minutes. If a synchronization fails, it restarts after 15 minutes. Used in the Nomad Sync installer screen.



Database usage mode. It may be set to one of the following values:

  • SingleUser - Sets the upgrade scripts to run in single user mode
  • MultiUser - Sets the upgrade scripts to run in multi-user mode

The default value sets the upgrade scripts to run in single-user mode to avoid multiple connections during upgrade (Only for SQL 2005).

Enabling  MultiUser  mode, by setting the following property on the installer command-line, may be necessary for larger databases to help to smooth the upgrade process:


Please Note: MultUser and SingleUser are case sensitive


YesPlatform base URL of the Tachyon website.


Exposed to Tachyon Setup only. Tachyon Setup sets its value to Tachyon website Site ID.  

Installer installs the Content Distribution application under the Web site whose site number matches the specified one.