Due to the set up of users in this lab additional roles have been given to our users. you will need to think about what you want your users to be able to do. The roles we are talking about are:

A user who only needs to view Experience, but would be responsible for Surveys so should be assigned (Possibly End User Computing Manager):-
Experience Viewers
Survey Administrators

A user who needs to be able to explore devices and issue questions and actions to resolve issues should be assigned (Possibly Level 3 Helpdesk Analyst):-
Experience Viewer
Global Actioners
Global Viewers
Survey Viewers

A user who needs to be able to explore devices and issue questions to find issues should be assigned (Possibly Level 1/Level 2 Helpdesk):
Experience Viewers
Global Viewers

Using Experience as L3 User 

Carry out proactive maintenance

In this use case we will look at a scenario where a L3 User carries out proactive maintenance to keep the estate running efficiently

This is a standard Level 3 situation the more skilled engineers are tasked with carrying out proactive actions to ensure the smooth running of the estate. The engineer will look for software crashes and look to rectify the situation


Log on as User and open the Tachyon Portal (if not already open)

Once open Click on Experience, and open the Software page, Sort the Crashes column descending to find the software which crashes the most

Click on Microsoft® Windows® Operating System - wmiapsrv.exe - 10.0.14393.0, and note that the servers are showing the most crashes

A possible cause of software crashes is the software not being up to date with patches, from the console this user can investigate the patch status for OS updates, and as we could use patch success deploy any missing patches, or identify any failed patches. And from the information look to resolve the cause of the failure and then patch the machines.

If the software were an actual application rather than the OS we could check if patches or later versions had been released and highlight to management the need to look at updating or patching this software

Lab Summary

In this lab we looked at the Experience Application. And how a L3 user could look to try and identify potential issues, and then highlight to management possible resolutions

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