Information relating to implementing 1E Catalog in your organization.

Supported Platforms

Windows Server roles and features

Items in bold are included in the PowerShell script available for download from Preparation: Windows Server roles and features.

AI Model file download requirements

1E Catalog 2.0 supports downloading AI Model files for the AI auto-curation feature, which is used in other applications such as AppClarity and Application Migration via the SLA component in Tachyon.

In order to use the AI Powered Auto-curation feature you will need to have:

  • Tachyon 5.0 or later installed. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - Installing and upgrading for more details on installing Tachyon 5.0.
  • 5GB of available disk space on the computer hosting 1E Catalog for the initial download of the AI model files.
  • Around 5GB of additional available disk space on the computer hosting 1E Catalog for each subsequent update for the AI model files. The AI model files may vary in size in future updates. Currently, the previous version of the AI model files will not be deleted when the newer version is downloaded. You can safely remove the previously downloaded older versions by hand when newer versions become available to free up disk space.
  • The AI Powered Auto-curation feature also has some extra memory requirements. Please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - AI Powered Auto-curation: Increase in memory requirements for SLA for more details.

The files will be downloaded to the following directory:


1E Companion Products

Firewall Ports

TCP 443 (HTTPS)Outbound

The default protocol to connect to the 1E Cloud Catalog is ( ) for updates and downloads.

Yes, post-installation.
TCP 80 (HTTP)Outbound

Connects to the 1E Cloud Catalog ( ) for updates and downloads.

Yes, post-installation.
TCP 80 (HTTP)Inbound

Browsers used by administrators to connect to the CatalogWeb website and consumers of the 1E Catalog, for example AppClarity or SLA Platform.

Yes, during installation using the IISPORT property.

Post-install, by re-configuring the website binding.

Refer to the Communication Ports page for a comprehensive list of ports used by 1E Catalog combined with SLA in Tachyon 5.0.