The 1E Client

The 1E WakeUp Agent for NightWatchman Enterprise 7.3 is a client module that is installed as part of the 1E Client 5.0 (or later).

For more details on deploying the 1E Client please refer to 1E Client 5.1.  You can install the 1E Client with only the WakeUp module enabled, without having a Tachyon platform infrastructure. The Tachyon platform infrastructure is only required if using the  NightWatchman online status  feature.

The 1E Client does not require a license key. The Tachyon platform, if used, does require a license.

Installing the 1E Client agent using CDA

In most cases the 1E Client will be installed silently using a software deployment tool such as Microsoft Configuration Manager.

The WakeUp module 1E Client installer properties

Additional WakeUp module installer properties are described on the 1E WakeUp Agent configuration properties page.

The WakeUp screen in the 1E Client installer

If the 1E Client is installed using the interactive installation wizard, the particular installer screen that is relevant to WakeUp is illustrated below.