A list of features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

Each release includes new or enhanced functions and methods in the Agent language (SCALE). Please refer to Tachyon SDK - Functions and Methods Reference for more details.

New features in 1E Client 5.0

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.0

  • Uses OpenSSL 1.1.1c for secure communication with the Switch and Background Channel
  • Tachyon.Performance.Metrics.exe is now included in the 1E Client, previously included in the Windows Endpoint Performance Integrated Product pack
  • Tachyon activity record and storage features enhanced to include:
    • Software Performance
    • Operating System Performance
    • Performance data
  • New modules:, Device.GetLocation, Device.SetLocation
  • Now uses SQLite 1.29.0
  • Windows support confirmed for Windows 10 1909
  • Non-Windows now supports Red Hat v8.0 and v6.0
  • MacOS now supports Catalina 10.15.1

Shopping client for Shopping v5.6

  • No changes - only hotfixes

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Now creates WakeUp firewall exception with name '1E Client (WakeUp)' and it's now port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.100

  • No changes - only hotfixes

1E Client 4.1

  • Tachyon Agent renamed as 1E Client
  • Enhancements:
    • Optimize ProcessUsage Minutes storage
  • Improvements to 1E Client on macOS 
    • Reading certificates from the macOS keystore
    • DMG file installations
  • Agent Historic Data Capture feature renamed as Tachyon Activity Record
  • WSA enhancements:
    • Applications page includes all installed, normalized applications
    • Allow conditional download of Windows 10 upgrade packages
    • Check Windows 10 version readiness checks before upgrading
    • Perform In-place Upgrade compatibility check in WSA readiness checks
    • Allow Windows Servicing Assistant to exclude user state migration
    • Required for environments where TLS 1.0 is disabled.
  • 1E module library renamed as Nomad, replacing NomadBranch client, and extended to support Nomad 7.0
  • Nomad provides an efficient file transfer mechanism that integrates with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, providing a host of features that maximize download efficiency and minimize WAN link bandwidth usage, and reduction in the number of servers.

Tachyon Agent 4.0

  • Patch module allows listing and deployment of Windows Updates, supporting the Patch Success application.
  • Storage module allows persistent, secure storage and retrieval of data from instructions.
  • Policy engine provides support for Guaranteed State application.
  • Performance and usability improvements to file search methods.
  • TIMS includes call-tip information for methods, simplifying instruction creation.
  • Improvements to cipher suite selection for SSL connections.
  • Support for macOS Mojave.
  • Support for Windows 10 1809.

Tachyon Agent 3.3

  • New WakeUp client module to support WakeUp 7.2.500 - Windows only.

    • Replaces the WakeUp component of 1E Agent.

    • WakeUp integrates with either the NightWatchman Management Center or with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager and provides the ability to power on computers from a power off state over a network. The WakeUp Agent module can now be enabled as part of the Tachyon Agent installation.

  • New GUID generation mechanism to support WakeUp integration.

  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Compliance.

Tachyon Agent 3.2

  • New Shopping client module to support Shopping 5.5 - Windows only.
    • Replaces the Shopping Agent.
    • Adds Windows Servicing Suite (WSA) features.
    • Shopping empowers users to install software, operating systems and services at a time when it suits them without disrupting their daily workload. The self-service automation of the request, approval and delivery process means users can download the software and services from the enterprise app store within minutes and dramatically reduces the number of software requests that go through the helpdesk.
  • Process stabilization statistics added to Historic Data Capture to gather information on the time it takes for processes to achieve a state of stable resource usage.
  • Switch connection optimizations around change of network and change of power state.
  • Support for in-memory caching of downloaded resource files.
  • New modules: Discovery.

Tachyon Agent 3.1

  • Increased cross-platform Agent functionality - the Tachyon Agent methods and the non-Windows Tachyon agents have been enhanced to provide greater cross-platform support for instructions.
  • New Mobile module for Android.
  • New modules: FileContent, Nomad, Utilities.

Tachyon Agent 3.0

  • New module: Inventory to support the Historic Data Capture feature - Windows, non-Windows, not Android.
  • New module: Security - Windows only.

Tachyon Agent 2.0

  • Tachyon Agent support of Linux and Mac OSX and Solaris platforms.

  • New module: ContentDistribution to support integration with 1E Nomad to download content.

Tachyon Agent 1.51

  • Support for Cryptographic Next Generation certificates.

  • Agent Extensibility updates can be issued by Agent version number.

  • Agent support for querying HKEY_USER registry data.
  • New modules: Device, FileSystem, NativeServices, Scripting, Sofware, Tagging, Users.

Earlier Tachyon Agent features

  • Upgrade to latest version of OpenSSL v1.0.2h.

  • Security to enforce client certificates.

  • Extended properties for defining Coverage Tags.

  • Monitoring events on Tachyon Agent devices.
  • Improved handling of Agent online/offline device status.