Installer and configuration settings for 1E Client which affect all client features and modules.

Installer properties:

Configuration file settings

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1E Client settings

The following settings are available when installing 1E Client on Windows OS.




Sets the installation folder.

This value is not stored in the 1E Client configuration file.

This value is stored as InstallationDirectory in the Windows registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\1E\Client\ and must not be changed.

Some client modules that run on Windows store their registry settings under their own keys in HKLM\SOFTWARE\1E.



The LogPath setting is stored in the 1E.Client.Conf file and determines the full path and filename of the 1E Client log file.

The 1E Client log is shared by:

  • 1E Client
  • Tachyon client features
  • Shopping client module (only available on Windows OS)

To change the logging level, please refer to LoggingLevel in the 1E.Client.CONF file.

The following are not configurable in this version:

  • Maximum size of 5MB
  • 5 rollover files numbered 1 (newest) to 5 (oldest) with the rollover number included as n.log

By default, Windows resolves %ALLUSERSPROFILE% as C:\ProgramData\

LOGPATH is not used by Nomad and WakeUp client modules. For a fresh install they use their defaults, and for upgrades they re-use what is in their registry. In each case these can be over-ridden by installer properties described in Nomad client settings and WakeUp client settings. Shopping WSA uses its own configuration file.

See Log files for more details about 1E Client logs.