Links to other 1E product documentation to verify or troubleshoot their features that are dependent on the 1E Client.

General verification of the 1E Client

  1. Confirm the 1E Client service is running
  2. Ensure you know which client features are enabled - review the <INSTALLDIR>\1E\Client\1E.Client.conf file
  3. Review the log files for errors

1E Client logs on Windows

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\1E\Client\1E.Client.log (used by 1E Client and Tachyon features, and Shopping client)


1E Client logs on macOS

/Library/Logs/1E.Client.Daemon.log (shows any service start errors)

/Library/Logs/1E.Client.log (shows the current operation of the 1E Client)

1E Client logs on other non-Windows platforms


1E Client log on Android

Android log.

Nomad client log


PXE Everywhere Agent log


Shopping WSA client log


WakeUp client log


By default, Windows resolves %ALLUSERSPROFILE% as C:\ProgramData\