1E Client 8.0 Release Notes – last updated 

These notes contain late-breaking information about 1E Client that you need to have to successfully install and use the product.  For the most up-to-date information please see the online readme. You should read these release notes and the online documentation for 1E Client thoroughly before installing the software.

New features in 1E Client 8.0

Tachyon client for Tachyon v8.0

Only Tachyon client features are supported by the 1E Client on non-Windows devices.

Shopping client for Shopping v6.1

  • Shopping 6.1 client is the Shopping module in 1E Client 8.0
  • Client-side Order Tracking feature - configurable on the Shopping server - to provide toast notifications and 1E Shopping UI popup in the notification area.

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.3

  • WakeUp 7.3 client is the WakeUp module in 1E Client 8.0
  • No changes - only hotfixes.

Nomad client for Nomad v8.0

  • NomadBranch 8.0 client is the Nomad module in 1E Client 8.0
  • New registry setting SiteSSDMinPackageSizeKB to set the minimum size of content before making SSD request
  • Installer changes:
  • Enhancements to CacheCleaner functionality to better support remote users as part of the Working From Anywhere initiative.

PXE client for PXE Everywhere v8.0

  • PXE Everywhere Agent is a client module of 1E Client 8.0, available for x64 and x86 platforms
  • Bootshim.efi folder renamed from BootPrograms to NetworkBootPrograms (1E\Client\Extensibility\PXEEverywhere\NetworkBootPrograms)
  • There are no other changes in this version other than hotfixes.

Online help

Tachyon comes with online help that shows you how to install, configure and use the product. Click the following link to view the help:

For support queries, please

Known issues

Current known issues related to installation of the 1E Client can be found on the Known issues page of the 1E Client documentation.

1E Client Release History

Web Release-8.0 (29-Oct-2021)

1E Client - 1E Client Non-Windows - TIMS

Features and enhancements

For new features in this release please refer to the top of the page.

Contained fixes - 1E Client

  • Q21786 - Nomad - Automatic CacheClean updates. (TFS 244966)

  • Q21784 - Nomad is not doing any DP load balancing (TFS 234960)

  • Q21782 - Nomad failing download content requested by VMware Workspace One (TFS 244963)

  • Q21724 - Nomad - Get Migration Settings step is not using correct MAC address to query CM computer association (TFS 241912)
  • Q21706 - WSA- Nomad download jobs coming from WSA fail to download from Cloud DP (TFS 231049)
  • Q21704 - Shopping Order Tracking feature is always enabled (TFS 240467)
  • Q21694 - Nomad - CDSSync doesn't report complete download data (TFS 236909)
  • Q21692 - Nomad isn't honouring Job timeout (TFS 237633)
  • Q21690 - Nomad crashing on multiple devices (TFS 235899)
  • Q21670 - Notifications are not issued when the machine and Shopping are logged in with another same user. (TFS 236754)
  • Q21632 - Shopping Order Tracking (TFS 165266)
  • Q21630 - Guaranteed State Check Rule for FileSystem.GetFileDetails stopping 1E Client service (TFS 234123)
  • Q21628 - Nomad fails during byte-range download if ContentRegistration is disabled (TFS 235180)
  • Q21602 - Standardize Nomad date logging (TFS 231355)
  • Q21600 - Nomad hash errors on 3rd party software update downloads via WUMU (TFS 230142)
  • Q21470 - Agent - Client is released from Quarantine after device is hard powered off without a graceful shutdown (TFS 228018)

Contained fixes - TIMS

  • None

Web Release-5.2 (26-Mar-2021)

1E Client - 1E Client Non-Windows - TIMS

Features and enhancements

For new features in this release please refer to the top of the page.

Contained fixes - 1E Client

  • Q21416 - WSA - VPN username goes missing if the WSA wizard is relaunched without cancelling (TFS 227164)
  • Q21408 - Agent - Client - User service instances remain after the associated user session is logged off (TFS 222272)
  • Q21406 - Agent - HTTP download - File 4GB+ causes unhandled exception and failure if Nomad is used (TFS 226892)
  • Q21386 - Nomad does not work as ACP after CM Client upgrade to 5 00 9040 1015 (CB 2010) (TFS 221969)
  • Q21374 - Nomad - Fails to retrieve content locations from the MP if there are no boundary groups except the default (TFS 220818)
  • Q21370 - WSA – Validate WiFi VPN Credentials step fails on non-English machines in WSA task sequence (TFS 221362)
  • Q21368 - Agent - Methods - FileSystem Find methods can consume significant machine memory (TFS 220092)
  • Q21366 - Agent - Methods - Correctly handle logging of error messages when Http.Post method contains the '%' symbol within the Body parameter (TFS 220574)
  • Q21364 - Agent - Interaction - Interaction module establishes TCP listener even if module is disabled (TFS 220906)
  • Q21358 - PXE boot may fail if multiple network cards are present in the system (TFS 215056)
  • Q21346 - WSA compatibility scan fails for non-english machines (TFS 220588)
  • Q21330 - Nomad - Failing to get patches from WUMU (TFS 212827)
  • Q21328 - Enabling the PXE Module in the 1E Client 5.1 creates an additional 1E.Client.log in C:/Temp folder (TFS 218205)
  • Q21324 - Fix shopping module dll signing with correct signature (TFS 219781)
  • Q21280 - Agent - Experience shows processes with unrealistically high Processor Time % (TFS 216267)
  • Q21278 - 1E Client Shopping module will not initialize when Shopping is configured for SSO (TFS 201787)
  • Q21222 - Agent - Client with specific locale settings not reporting in experience (TFS 215037)
  • Q21220 - Agent – 1E Client UI notification icon shows Poke with DEBUG or TRACE level logging (TFS 213480)
  • Q21218 - Agent - Methods - NativeServices.RunCommand no longer strips trailing whitespace in Output (TFS 216457)
  • Q21141 - PXE boot fails when the windows firewall is enabled (TFS 212739)

Contained fixes - TIMS

  • Q21230 - Agent - Client with specific locale settings not reporting in experience
  • Q21226 - Agent – 1E Client UI notification icon shows Poke with DEBUG or TRACE level logging
  • Q21224 - Agent - Methods - NativeServices.RunCommand no longer strips trailing whitespace in Output

Web Release-5.1 (18-Aug-2020)

1E Client - 1E Client Non-Windows - TIMS

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.1

Only Tachyon client features are supported by the 1E Client on non-Windows devices.

Shopping client for Shopping v6.0

  • WSA - Support for nested Task Sequences
  • WSA - Autofill WiFi passcode on Connection page if available
  • WSA - Option to disable the Location page

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Creates a firewall exception for WakeUp with the name 1E Client (WakeUp) that is port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.200

  • Certificate-based client authentication for Nomad P2P communication
  • Configuration Manager Enhanced HTTP support
  • Support for multiple Certificate Authorities
  • Improved PKI client certificate selection logic 
  • VMWare Workspace One support
  • Handling download content for "expired" offer 
  • Improved handling of updated Software Update content 
  • Option to reduce election notifications in Nomad logs

PXE client for PXE Everywhere v4.0

  • PXE Everywhere Agent is now a client module of 1E Client 5.1
  • PXE Everywhere Static Responder (to support DHCP Snooping) now has its own installer

Contained fixes:

  • Q20741 - PXE Boot fails on Microsoft Surface Pro systems (TFS 195659)
  • Q21094 - Agent - Handle leak in ConvertNonStandardExecutableName (TFS 209269)
  • Q21092 - Agent - Infrastructure - Additional TachyonGUID/device generated if WMI is not available (TFS 207251)
  • Q21088 - Unable to download Pre-cache Content from Cloud DP on VPN clients (TFS 207646)
  • Q21070 - Add Shopping v6 Support to 1EClient (TFS 200984)
  • Q21060 - 1E Client (WakeUp) rule created multiple times in Windows Defender Firewall (TFS 201823)
  • Q21048 - CertIssuer - specifying issuer name sub string does not work for selecting Server Auth PKI cert for Nomad P2P / PBA over HTTPS (TFS 204608)
  • Q21020 - Support pre-caching on internet clients using AE on internet and content distributed on CDP or IBCM based DP. (TFS 203685)
  • Q21018 - Nomad failing to download the content in first attempt (from CMG) and succeeding in second attempt after 10 min (TFS 200803)
  • Q21004 - Agent - Experience - Operating System service failure - report the extra fields (TFS 200866)
  • Q21002 - Agent - Infrastructure - Reading output from child processes may fail (TFS 200539)
  • Q21000 - Agent - Experience - Better INFO logging and log ERROR if PdhOpenQuery() fails (TFS 200100)
  • Q20998 - Agent - Experience - .tmp files are being reported under Software->Product and Executable column (TFS 200571)
  • Q20996 - Agent - Experience - Client should report Processor queue length averaged across number of cores (TFS 200097)
  • Q20972 - Nomad fails a download when similar expired deployment is present (TFS 172581)
  • Q20970 - Nomad Task Sequence steps fail if Nomad module is not initialized (TFS 197292)
  • Q20968 - If using SMB to download content from DP in WinPE, the login to the DP share failed and Nomad failed to download the content. (TFS 200073)
  • Q20966 - The Pre-stage Content Using Nomad step failed to download content over SMB if the SMB path had a backslash at the end (TFS 199950)
  • Q20964 - If enhanced http was enabled, the Pre-stage Content Using Nomad step failed to download the content. (TFS 200380)

Web Release-5.0 (19-Mar-2020)

1E Client - 1E Client Non-Windows - 1E Client Android - TIMS

Tachyon client for Tachyon v5.0

  • Uses OpenSSL 1.1.1c for secure communication with the Switch and Background Channel
  • Tachyon.Performance.Metrics.exe is now included in the 1E Client, previously included in the Windows Endpoint Performance Integrated Product pack
  • Tachyon activity record and storage features enhanced to include:
    • Software Performance
    • Operating System Performance
    • Performance data
  • New modules: Http.post, Device.GetLocation, Device.SetLocation
  • Now uses SQLite 1.29.0
  • Windows support confirmed for Windows 10 1909
  • Non-Windows now supports Red Hat v8.0 and v6.0
  • MacOS now supports Catalina 10.15.1

Shopping client for Shopping v5.6

  • No changes - only hotfixes

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500 and v7.3

  • Now creates WakeUp firewall exception with name '1E Client (WakeUp)' and it's now port specific.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0.100

  • No changes - only hotfixes

Contained fixes:

  • Q20775 - Agent - GetInboundMappedDriveHistory default columns does not contain 'Port' (TFS 198528)
  • Q20773 - Agent - Some patches pending reboot have a GUID but no KB ID or Title. (TFS 198284)
  • Q20739 - WakeUp - Improved logging for WakeUpAgt.exe at debug level (TFS 195904)
  • Q20737 - Tachyon - Agent - Network.GetArpEntries() shows incorrect CIDR mask (TFS 195491)
  • Q20733 - Nomad local SSD is not working (TFS 192409)
  • Q20705 - WSA IPU doesn't fire Task Sequence after upgrade to SCCM 1906 (TFS 186332)
  • Q20694 - Nomad - when an LST is created for a cloud DP a zero byte file causes download failure (TFS 187014)
  • Q20682 - Nomad - LSZGEN fails on long file path with Nomad SECure enabled (TFS 187318)
  • Q20680 - Nomad - LSZGEN issues on DP when CACHEPATH installer property has no trailing backslash (TFS 187334)
  • Q20678 - Nomad - Physical path in the LSZFILES virtual directory in IIS is not updated when LocalCachePath is changes after installation (TFS 188203)
  • Q20676 - Nomad downloads previous version of content (TFS 145160)
  • Q20674 - Nomad - Captive Portal Web page (eg Logon Page from Public Wifi) may cause issues with Nomad Downloads (TFS 156478)
  • Q20672 - Nomad fails to download updated task sequence references with ConfigMgr Pre-download option (TFS 182309)
  • Q20670 - Nomad service failure on PBA host with hidden share enabled during PBA backup (TFS 169339)
  • Q20666 - Nomad - PBA Size estimation doesn't update TS progress bar (TFS 184347)
  • Q20664 - Nomad not failing package on CRC failure (TFS 136381)
  • Q20662 - Nomad Status Message Improvements (TFS 107195)
  • Q20660 - Nomad service may fail whilst running cachecleaner manually (TFS 164341)
  • Q20658 - Nomad - Unable to download 0365 updates with Nomad (TFS 159484)
  • Q20624 - WSA doesn't fire Task Sequence after upgrade to SCCM 1906 (TFS 186332)
  • Q20612 - WSA wireless check (Readiness check) fails if the device connects to both wired and wireless networks (TFS 185832)
  • Q20592 - Nomad - 1EClient Nomad Module's install fails if Windows Firewall service is disabled or in stopped state (TFS 185011)
  • Q20590 - Tachyon - Agent- Methods - FileSystem.GetVersionInfo should return data even if OriginalFileName is missing, and should return SuccessNoContent instead of an error if it fails (TFS 184879)
  • Q20588 - Tachyon - Agent - 1E Client service terminates unexpectedly after a Patch.Deploy failure response using SCCM (TFS 185003)
  • Q20586 - Tachyon - Agent - Patch.Deploy returns 2 rows on success and none on failure if the PatchSpec is a GUID (TFS 184668)
  • Q20558 - WSA support in a multi domain environment (TFS 182470)
  • Q20556 - Tachyon - Agent - exception in Patch.List() while awaiting a reboot to install patches (TFS 183650)
  • Q20506 - WSA support for FireFox in WSA-ServiceNow (TFS 176154)
  • Q20504 - WSA support for ServiceNow integration with WSA in Shopping (TFS 176084)
  • Q20502 - Tachyon - Agent - Initial policy evaluation should be asynchronous (TFS 180719)
  • Q20500 - Tachyon - Agent - Exclusivity control for Scripting.Run* and NativeServices.RunCommand methods (TFS 180718)
  • Q20498 - Tachyon - Agent - Reduce noisiness of logging when Nomad is used (TFS 180717)
  • Q20496 - Tachyon - Agent - Nomad download should check Tachyon Agent cache first (TFS 180714)

Web Release-4.1 (21-JUN-2019)

1E Client - 1E Client Non-Windows - 1E Client Android - TIMS

Tachyon client for Tachyon Platform v4.1

  • Tachyon Agent renamed as 1E Client
  • Enhancements:
    • Optimize ProcessUsage Minutes storage
  • Improvements to 1E Client on macOS 
    • Reading certificates from the macOS keystore
    • DMG file installations
  • Agent Historic Data Capture feature renamed as Tachyon Activity Record

Shopping client for Shopping v5.5.200

  • WSA enhancements:
    • Applications page includes all installed, normalized applications
    • Allow conditional download of Windows 10 upgrade packages
    • Check Windows 10 version readiness checks before upgrading
    • Perform In-place Upgrade compatibility check in WSA readiness checks
    • Allow Windows Servicing Assistant to exclude user state migration
    • Required for environments where TLS 1.0 is disabled.

WakeUp client for NightWatchman Enterprise v7.2.500

  • No changes other than renaming Tachyon Agent as 1E Client.

Nomad client for Nomad v7.0

  • 1E module library renamed as Nomad, replacing NomadBranch client, and extended to support Nomad 7.0
  • Nomad provides an efficient file transfer mechanism that integrates with Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager, providing a host of features that maximize download efficiency and minimize WAN link bandwidth usage, and reduction in the number of servers.

Contained fixes:

  • Q20428 - Tachyon - Device.GetOutboundPrinters() crashes when handling empty registry values (TFS 173720)
  • Q20390 - Nomad - Allow WSA to exclude data backup (TFS 129030)
  • Q20384 - Nomad - Cache cleaner unable to remove content when cache already exceeded configured size (TFS 164413)
  • Q20382 - Nomad O365 download from untrusted forest not using Network Access Account (NAA) (TFS 169177)
  • Q20368 - Nomad - Active Efficiency Web service logs exception if FQDN is missing from client data (TFS 165641)
  • Q20350 - Nomad - Same "disqualified" master keeps winning elections. (TFS 163708)
  • Q20322 - Nomad - Don't download content to USB if it's already in the Nomad cache (TFS 129581)
  • Q20314 - Nomad - HTTP Proxy causes failures while downloading from Windows Update (TFS 165017)
  • Q20310 - Nomad Service Failure while logging disqualification details (TFS 163707)
  • Q20266 - Nomad - SMSTSNomad fails if the Nomad service is slow to start (TFS 154961)
  • Q20262 - Nomad - NMDS ExtraReplyDelayMS setting capped at 5000 (TFS 154089)
  • Q20260 - Nomad download logs CopyLoopWait CopyError: Missing File(s) (TFS 127424)
  • Q20256 - Nomad failing to download SU from Cloud Distribution Points (TFS 154773)
  • Q20254 - Nomad - TLS 1.2 compliance testing and fixes for Nomad (TFS 151453)
  • Q20252 - Nomad - CTM DP order with neighboring boundary group DPs (TFS 153928)
  • Q20250 - Nomad O365 downloads fail when requested range does not exist. (TFS 151169)
  • Q20248 - Nomad - Active Efficiency Nomad sync is failing with a "Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type bigint." error (TFS 71746)
  • Q20246 - Nomad - Cannot download software updates from Windows Update (TFS 120735)
  • Q20198 - Nomad - LSZ downloads fail when package contains files with Unicode names. (TFS 154033)
  • Q20196 - Nomad - Ignore Local SSD if machine is in a NomadInhibitedSubnet (TFS 127086)
  • Q20194 - Nomad - SSD queries may connect on inhibited subnets if the master moves (TFS 131988)
  • Q20192 - Nomad - Active Efficiency experiencing database deadlocks at high utilization (TFS 135419)
  • Q20144 - Nomad - Express Update support for Nomad (from on premises DP) (TFS 146643)
  • Q20142 - Nomad - RDC doesn't work in some cases (TFS 145476)
  • Q20138 - Nomad - SMSTSNomad does not set cache priority correctly (TFS 131034)
  • Q20136 - Nomad - Issues working Nomad HTTP with WINHTTP Proxy (TFS 125541)
  • Q20134 - Nomad - Disqualifications sent when too many connections reached over HTTP(S) (TFS 129719)
  • Q20132 - Nomad - Slow Nomad downloads from DP when BranchCache is enabled (TFS 109497)
  • Q20130 - NomadBranch Range Overlap Exception (TFS 116165)
  • Q20128 - Nomad Not Sending Error Status Messages (TFS 102476)
  • Q20056 - NomadBranch fails on NMDS_FIND HTTPPull when trying to restore a PBA user state backup; (TFS 143320)