Information that will help you design and plan the implementation of Nomad in your organization. This includes all the prerequisites and dependencies, which are necessary to install 1E Client with Nomad client enabled.

For a full understanding of Nomad features and their configuration please refer to Nomad 8.0 documentation.

Nomad client features are not required if the 1E Client is being installed only to support Tachyon, Shopping, or WakeUp. However, Nomad can be used to help Tachyon clients download content from the Background Channel and other sources. For more detail please refer to Tachyon client requirements: Tachyon integration with Nomad.

For 1E Client 5.2 and Nomad 7.1 onwards, you must enable the Tachyon client if you want Nomad to use any of the following Nomad features.

Although not a requirement for generally using Nomad, Tachyon Platform 8.0 must be installed and available before you can use certain Nomad features.

The following Nomad features use Content Distribution and require Tachyon Platform and Tachyon features of 1E Client to be enabled:

Nomad versions prior to Nomad 7.1 used ActiveEfficiency to support similar features. Tachyon Platform previously included ActiveEfficiency.

The following features were provided in versions of Nomad older than Nomad 7.1:

  • 1E Client Health - now provided by the Guaranteed State feature of the Tachyon Platform
  • Nomad Dashboard - now provided by Nomad app feature of the Tachyon Platform.

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Firewall ports

Please refer to Nomad communication ports.