Information that will help you design and plan the implementation of WakeUp client in your organization. This includes all the prerequisites and dependencies, which are necessary to install 1E Client with WakeUp client enabled.

For a full understanding of WakeUp and NightWatchman features and their configuration please refer to NightWatchman Enterprise 7.3 documentation.

WakeUp client features are not required if the 1E Client is being installed only to support Tachyon, Nomad, or Shopping.

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Client hardware requirements for WoL

To utilize Wake-On-LAN (WoL) technology, you need the following hardware configurations:

Network cardA network card which can support Wake-On-LAN. Your network card vendor can tell you if your network adapter supports Wake-On-LAN. If it does, it must be configured to enable remote wake up. Some adapter drivers are disabled by default within the operating system.
System BIOSWake-On-LAN must be enabled in the system BIOS. This option can usually be found in the Boot menu of the BIOS configuration program.  Some BIOS have a 'Maximum Power Savings' or 'Low Power S5' option, which should be disabled in order to allow some power to the network card.
Power managementAPM or ACPI should be enabled, otherwise the user of the machine should ensure that it is powered off by hitting the off button after shutdown.

A quick way to tell if a system is Wake-On-LAN ready, is to power down the system then look at the network adapter display LED's. If the lights are still on, then chances are that the system is OK.  Windows must have been powered down gracefully (either off or sleep) in order for it to prepare the network card for WOL.

1E also provides a diagnostic tool called Magic Test that determines if a machine can react to a magic packet wake up. Download Magic Test and other free tools from 1E’s Free Tools page.

Please contact 1E if you require guidance with WoL configuration on Windows operating systems and enterprise vendor hardware including Dell, HP and Lenovo computers.

1E NightWatchman Agent

If you are deploying WakeUp as part of a NightWatchman Enterprise power management solution then you will also need to consider 1E NightWatchman Agent requirements.

Firewall Ports

Please refer to NightWatchman Enterprise communication ports.