1E Core

Integration between 1E's ServiceNow solutions and ServiceNow is enabled using the 1E Core app, which is available for download from the ServiceNow app store and can be installed on any supported ServiceNow instance.1E Core is used to enable other 1E ServiceNow apps, such as 1E Service Catalog Connect and 1E ITSM Connect, that provide business benefits to you and your organization. Those benefits are empowered by 1E's Tachyon, Windows Servicing Suite, and other products. 1E Core has no licensing costs.

The following are features of this release:

  • First release.
  • APIs to fetch, run, get the status of, get the response from, and get the statistics for Tachyon instructions.
  • An API to purge triggered instructions and their responses.
  • Pages to show fetched and triggered instructions.
  • Retrieves instructions from Tachyon.
  • Application logs for debugging purposes. Please refer to Troubleshooting: Creating a technical report for more details.
  • Creates related ServiceNow objects, including ServiceNow user roles.

To implement 1E Core please refer to Implementing 1E Core.

App Menu in Application Navigator

ServiceNow provides an application navigator that enables administrators to navigate from one screen to another easily. To use 1E Core app, first install it from ServiceNow app store and then search for 1E Core in the application navigator. Non-administrators (end users) do not see 1E Core at all.

The menu is shown in the picture opposite. Here's an overview of the 1E Core menu items and the roles needed to access each page:

ItemDescriptionRoles needed to view the Item's page
1E Core app rolesServiceNow roles
Triggered InstructionsDisplays a list of instructions that have been run.
  • x_1e_core_connect.admin
  • admin (System Administrator)
Instruction DefinitionsDisplays a list of available Tachyon instructions.
  • x_1e_core_connect.admin
  • admin (System Administrator)

Displays a menu containing all the Administration functions for the 1E Core app.
  • x_1e_core_connect.admin
  • admin (System Administrator)
App ConfigurationDisplays the App Configuration screen.
  • x_1e_core_connect.admin
  • admin (System Administrator)
LogsDisplays the app specific logs.


  • admin (System Administrator)