A list of the feature dependencies between 1E Core and other 1E companion products.

This page describes the dependencies to and from 1E Core in regard to certain features that are implemented across companion 1E products.

1E companion products that 1E Core 2.0 depends on

Supported versions of 1E companion products that 1E Core 2.0 features depend on.

Products and features that 1E Core depends onSupported versions of companion products
Tachyon Platform

All features.

  • Tachyon Platform 5.0

1E companion products that depend on 1E Core 2.0 

Supported versions of 1E companion products with features that depend on 1E Core 2.0. 

Products and features that depend on 1E CoreSupported versions of companion products
1E ITSM ConnectAll features.
  • 1E ITSM Connect 3.1
  • 1E ITSM Connect 3.0
1E Service Catalog ConnectAll features.
  • 1E Service Catalog Connect 2.0
1E Virtual AssistantAll features.
  • 1E Virtual Assistant 2.0

On this page:

Compatibility matrix for ServiceNow apps with 1E Core and Tachyon Platform

The following table contains details of all currently supported 1E ServiceNow integration apps. Use this table as a reference to ensure you are using the correct combination of apps for your needs. Each app is dependent on a 1E Core app and a Tachyon installation.


Version Tachyon Platform 8.0 Compatible with 1E Tachyon CMDB ConnectCompatible with Service Graph Connector for 1E TachyonSupported ServiceNow release versionsPurpose
Core 2.1Core 2.1Core 2.1

1E Core(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)Paris, Quebec, Rome

Platform enabler. Provides copy of Tachyon instructions.

Support for domain separation (multi-tenant) (new in v2.0).

Support for 1E CMDB Connect apps (new in v2.1) including Service Graph Connector for 1E Tachyon.

Service Graph Connector for 1E Tachyon


Paris, Quebec, Rome

1E Tachyon CMDB Connect, and Service Graph Connector for 1E Tachyon, provide identical capabilities, your choice depends on your licensing.

Either one can be optionally used for the following, among other features:

  • populate device data in ServiceNow's CMDB through 1E Core and Tachyon
  • provide the device FQDN required by other 1E ServiceNow apps, so they can use Tachyon.

The latter requirement may also be met by any third party app capable of populating the device FQDN in the ServiceNow CMDB cmdb_ci_computer table.

Change target from cmdb_ci_pc_hardware to cmdb_ci_computer (new in SGC 1.2.2).

1E Tachyon CMDB Connect 1.0.0
Paris, Quebec, Rome

1E ITSM Connect

3.2.1 (tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)Paris, Quebec, Rome

Integrates ServiceNow ITSM with Tachyon.

Support for 1E Core (new in 2.0.0).

Tachyon Device View and Experience integration (new in v3.0).

Support for domain separation (multi-tenant) (new in v3.1).

Support for 1E CMDB Connect app (new in v3.2).




1E Service Catalog Connect



Paris, Quebec, Rome

Integrates ServiceNow Service Catalog with Tachyon. Provides a UI like 1E Shopping – allows WSA to be invoked by ServiceNow and report WSA requests.

Guided Tour, and running any Tachyon instruction (new in v2.0.1).

1E Virtual Assistant(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Paris, Quebec, Rome

Provides a Virtual Agent for ServiceNow, supporting various topics, some of which use Tachyon instructions.
(tick) Combination supportedCombination not supported