Checking the instruction definitions in 1E Core. The 1E Core app imports Tachyon instructions on behalf of other 1E ServiceNow apps.

Viewing the Instruction Definitions

1E Core app roles required to view the Instruction Definitions

To access the Instruction Definitions page a ServiceNow user must be a member of the following role.

  • x_1e_core_connect.admin

Viewing the details for all the instructions available in 1E Core

To view details for all instructions that have been run by the 1E Core app:

  1. Log in to ServiceNow.
  2. Navigate to 1E Core→Instruction Definitions.
  3. The list of loaded instructions are displayed in the right-hand pane.

The Instruction Definitions page

The Instruction Definitions page displays the following information:

Field NameDescription

Instruction Name

The Tachyon instruction name.
Instruction DescriptionExplanation of the instruction.
TypeThe nature of the instruction - question or action.
Instruction SetThe Tachyon instruction set the instruction is grouped in.
ActiveWhether it is available to be used.
Business Application NameThe 1E ServiceNow app that triggered the instruction.