Information that will help you design and plan the implementation of the 1E Core app in your organization. This includes all the prerequisites and dependencies that are necessary to install the 1E Core app.

This page is part of the design phase of implementation.

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Tachyon requirements

CategoryRequirementMore details
Tachyon system
  • A complete Tachyon 5.0 infrastructure is required either in local network or hosted over the internet. This includes the 1E Client with Tachyon features enabled, deployed to all devices that you need to manage.
  • Two-factor authentication must be disabled for Tachyon.
  • The Basic Authentication feature must be installed on the Tachyon Server (Master Stack), and enabled in the Consumer web application.

Tachyon 5.0 - Implementing Tachyon

1E Client 5.0 - Implementing 1E Client

Preparation: Disable Tachyon Two-factor Authentication

Preparation: Enable Basic Authentication

Tachyon consumer
  • A Tachyon consumer with the name 1EServiceNowCore must be registered in the Tachyon Settings application, Configuration, Consumers page.
  • The Workflow column of the dbo.Consumer table in the Tachyon Master database for this consumer must have the value:

  • The workflow value is not set automatically, so be sure to see the link to the right to set the value.

Preparation: Add the ServiceNow consumer to Tachyon
Tachyon administrator

  • A Tachyon user with the Global Administrator role, or one or more users with the following roles:
    • Consumer Administrators role in order to register the 1EServiceNowCore consumer.
  • Optionally a Tachyon user with the Global Administrator role, or the following roles:
    • Instruction Set Administrators role in order to upload instruction definitions and create instruction sets
    • Management Group Administrators role in order to create Management groups if desired

Users must be AD domain accounts. The above system roles can be substituted for equivalent custom roles.

Design Considerations: Tachyon Users and Roles

Tachyon license
  • Your Tachyon license must contain the ServiceNow-Integration feature tag.
Preparation: Check your Tachyon license

ServiceNow requirements

CategoryRequirementMore details
  • A working ServiceNow instance must be set up. This can be a demo instance or a production/vendor instance.
  • The following versions of ServiceNow are supported:
    • Orlando
  • The Domain separation feature is supported on Orlando only.
  • If you are using this App in multi tenant mode, please enable the "Domain Support" plugin on your ServiceNow instance

Installing 1E Core

MID Server
  • If the Tachyon instance is not hosted over the internet then a MID Server must be installed on the same network domain where the Tachyon server is installed. The MID Server should be able to connect to the Tachyon Server (specifically the Master server hosting the Coordinator service).

Please refer to your ServiceNow documentation for details on installing a MID server.

Design Considerations: MID Server

ServiceNow users
  • At least one ServiceNow user for each of the roles in the following table:
    Role nameAdditional ServiceNow roles requiredDescription

    This role allows its users to configure and set up the 1E Core app.

    ServiceNow admin users must change their application scope to 1E Core in order to configure the app, and retrieve instructions.


    This role is inherited by the 1E ServiceNow solution roles.

1E Core post-installation tasks

User management

ServiceNow admin
  • This role allows its users to install and configure the 1E Core app.

Installing 1E Core