Checking the triggered instruction history in 1E Core. The 1E Core app enables other 1E ServiceNow apps. For example, Tachyon instructions can be from the incident form in the ITSM module of ServiceNow. 1E Core keeps a history of instructions it has executed (trigged) on behalf of those apps. The history includes:

  • The instructions
  • Parameters passed to a Tachyon instruction
  • Responses received from a Tachyon instruction
On this page:

Viewing the Triggered Instruction History

A 1E Core admin can view the details for all the instructions run in 1E Core on the 1E Core→Triggered Instructions page.

1E Core App roles required to view the Instruction History

To access the Triggered Instruction page a ServiceNow user must be a member of the following role.

  • x_1e_core_connect.admin

Viewing the details for all the instructions run in 1E Core

To view details for all instructions that have been run in the 1E Core app:

  1. Login to ServiceNow
  2. Navigate to 1E Core→Triggered Instructions
  3. The list of run instructions are displayed in the right-hand pane.
  4. To view the details for a particular instruction click on the instruction id link in the Number column. Doing this displays the Triggered Instruction page for the selected instruction, as described in The Triggered Instruction page heading.

The Triggered Instruction page

The Triggered Instruction page displays the following information:

Field NameDescription
NumberA unique number assigned to every triggered instruction record.
Instruction NameThe name of the instruction executed.

Instruction Parameters

This field contains JSON of parameters with value which we passed to Tachyon for this triggered instruction.
Target EndpointThe CI hostname (computer name) from the incident or request. It refers to the device name for the endpoint where Tachyon server will execute the instruction.
TaskThe incident number where this Tachyon instruction was executed.
StatusThe instruction status as reported by Tachyon, such as completed, error, awaiting approval etc.
Instruction Execution IDA Unique Id for the instruction that is returned by Tachyon when it is run.
Business Application NameThe 1E ServiceNow app that initiated the instruction.
UserThe ServiceNow user name that selected to run this instruction.