Keyboard shortcuts in the AppClarty Console

Shortcut keysAction
F1Opens the AppClarity online help.
F2Toggles control highlighting on/off. For example, to navigate between menu items, use the Up/Down arrow keys.
Highlighting the navigation tree  
F5Refreshes the screen.

Enables shortcut keys for the application – you can directly navigate to the control by pressing the specific key.

For example, to change the home screen in Preferences:
Enabling shortcut keys

  1. Press G.
  2. Use the arrow keys to cycle through the selection.
  3. Press Tab to navigate to Apply.
  4. Press Enter.
Up/Down arrow keysMoves between menu items.
TabMoves the focus to the next control. In our example, to start automation:
Moving focus with the Tab key
  1. Press Tab until the focus is on Start Automation.
  2. Press Enter.

Repeated tabs will move the focus to the next control in the sequence.