Data about hardware and software inventory and their usage is captured into AppClarity from the network as follows:

  1. Hardware and software inventory and software usage data is gathered by Configuration Manager.
  2. The ActiveEfficiency Scout (run in Configuration Manager mode) retrieves information and stores it in the ActiveEfficiency server database.
  3. The AppClarity synchronization manager takes the information from the ActiveEfficiency server database and imports it into AppClarity.

To provide AppClarity with the correct data to work with, you must enable the following on each instance of Configuration Manager that is connected to ActiveEfficiency:

  • Software inventory
  • Software metering
  • Hardware inventory
  • Active Directory System Group Discovery agent

Earlier versions of AppClarity used to get their data directly from Configuration Manager. From version 4.5, AppClarity connectors are the only means of harvesting data for it – you are no longer able to use or create new Configuration Manager connectors although they are still visible to enable you to view historic information associated with it. The AppClarity connector is enabled by default or when you enable integration services. If you disable integration services, the connector will no longer be visible but any data it retrieved is not lost.

The ActiveEfficiency Server now communicates with all the data sources that hold raw information on applications installed and running in the organization such as Configuration Manager 2012, App-V, iQSonar, and the ActiveEfficiency Agent. ActiveEfficiency collects and collates the data from the various data sources and the connector gathers the information from the ActiveEfficiency Server and imports it into AppClarity. A single ActiveEfficiency connector determines how the data is retrieved.

Once the ActiveEfficiency connector has been configured, it must be manually synchronized to retrieve the initial information from the data sources. If you are upgrading, we recommend you remove any old Configuration Manager connectors after two weeks as they can affect the behavior of AppClarity installations and compliance calculations.

Building your entitlements library

To build your entitlements library, use the AppClarity Data Capture screen to:

  1. Retrieve application data about software installed on your network by connecting to data sources.
  2. Process newly discovered application data by reviewing available for linking applications.
  3. Import licenses from a CSV file. You can update the import rules for failed imports and re-run it.