Users get access to the Console by invitation only. If they have not been added in Users, you will not be able to invite them download and install the Console. Invitation emails are sent whenever a change has been made to a user or group in Users as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The user or group is enabled
  • The user or group is an administrator or belong to at least one role
  • The Invitation Emails checkbox is checked
  • The Console Installer URL is set correctly
  • The SMTP server settings are correct and the user or group email is correctly configured

To enable invitation emails to be sent:

  1. Click the Configuration icon  to the left of the Console.
  2. On the Configuration screen, click Console Installer.

  3. Tick the Invitation Emails: checkbox to enable this feature.
  4. In Console Installer URL:. enter the location for the installer (created during installation) where users go to download and install the Console. You can also retrieve the URL from the Start menu for the Console Installer.
  5. In Email Template:, customize the body of your email message. The <USER> and <URL> tokens get populated with values Name field from user properties and the Controller Installer URL field respectively.
  6. Click Apply to save your changes.