If AppClarity has been installed with an evaluation license, it will need to be re-licensed once the evaluation period expires. There are two licenses, one to support desktop software and one for server software. You must have at least either one of these licenses, but you may also use both. If you are using the Reclaimer, you will also need to relicense it. The new AppClarity license keys, obtained from our Sales division, can be set on the AppClarity Service command-line using the LicenseKey, ServerLicenseKey or ReclaimerLicenseKey command-line options.

The AppClarity service is called AMP.Coordinator.ServiceHost.exe and is found in the Coordinator folder under the AppClarity installation folder. On 64-bit systems, this is found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\1E\AppClarity\Coordinator and on 32-bit systems, at: C:\Program Files\1E\AppClarity\Coordinator

The notation for installing the license key is:

AMP.Coordinator.ServiceHost.exe -LicenseKey=<valid desktop license key> -ServerLicenseKey=<valid server license key> -ReclaimerLicenseKey=<valid reclaimer license key>

A valid license key must be in the following format: <name><4Chars><4Chars><4Chars><4Chars> where <name> is a 5 to 10 character string representing the company name and <4Chars> is a sequence of four alpha-numeric characters.

For example:

AMP.Coordinator.ServiceHost.exe -LicenseKey=ABCDE-1234-3456-5678-5678 -- to install the desktop license
AMP.Coordinator.ServiceHost.exe -ServerLicenseKey=ABCDE-2234-3456-5678-5678 -- to install the server license
AMP.Coordinator.ServiceHost.exe -ReclaimerLicenseKey=ABCDE-3234-3456-5678-5678 -- to install the reclaimer license