You can customize the Console to suit your personal preferences. These changes do not affect other users. The customization you can make are:

    • Animation – enables or disables animation when you switch between screens and tabs.
    • Home Screen – choose a new startup screen
    • Display Currency – localize currency display

      Options for your personal preferences

To set your preferences:

  1. Click the Configuration icon to the left of the Console.
  2. On the Configuration screen, click Preferences.
  3. By default, animation is enabled when you move between screens and switch tabs. If you prefer not to see these animations, uncheck Animation is enabled.
  4. If you prefer to have a different screen when you start the Console, click the Home Screen list and choose a new startup screen. Your options are:
    • Automation – the mechanism that enables automated software removal
    • Configuration – customizing personal settings
    • Data Capture – capturing data from your software inventory (for example Configuration Manager)
    • Entitlements – a view of all your entitlements
    • Products – the product screen
    • Reporting – manage and generate reports
  5. The default currency used is US dollars ($). However, if you prefer your entitlements to be costed in a different currency, click the Display Currency list and choose a new currency code. If your preferred currency is not in the list, create a new one.
  6. Click Apply to save your changes.