An overview of AppClarity is presented; what it does and how it can benefit your organization. An introduction to the features of AppClarity is provided, alongside a high-level explanation of the AppClarity architecture.


AppClarity is aimed at SAM users, helping you get to grips with software waste, take control of license compliance and manage application portfolios easily. It offers an immediate reduction in software costs by helping you manage your software assets on both desktops and servers more effectively and maintain software license compliance. The key benefits of AppClarity are:

  • Software license compliance – provides at a summary on whether a particular product is license compliant
  • Software waste identification – shows unused software and shelfware which are probably the two largest form of software waste
  • Efficient application management – identifies version sprawl where there are many versions of the same product used

Now you can financially quantify all software waste by identifying and controlling unused software across your enterprise. 

In this section...

AppClarity Features

An overview of AppClarity features.

AppClarity Architecture

The AppClarity Architecture is identical to the SLA Platform architecture. The SLA Platform Architecture page is reproduced here in full.