How to quickly prepare, install, configure and use AppClarity for the first time in a small-scale lab, evaluation or pilot environment.
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Installing and verifying the installation

How to quickly install AppClarity and generate your first report. This is a quick start run through of the installation. In order for you to follow these steps we assume the following:

  • You have a working installation of the 1E Catalog and SLA Platform. If these are not in place yet, please refer to the Installing and upgrading quick start guide for a quick run through of the 1E Catalog and SLA Platform installations.
  • You have a valid license key for AppClarity
  • You are installing AppClarity onto the same server as SLA Platform
  • You have access to the SLA Platform primary user account

AppClarity first steps


Running your first License Compliance Summary

The first time you start AppClarity it's advisable and helpful to start with viewing the License Compliance Summary for the situation where you have no entitlements defined in the selected compliance repository. This gives you an established baseline to work with, where you can see what AppClarity is reporting to you without involving entitlements. It also lets you get familiar with the way that the information gets into the License Compliance Summary for a particular compliance repository.


Viewing software install counts across all devices

The AppClarity reports are fundamentally based on the inventory that is provided by SLA Platform. The inventory shows what software is installed on what devices.

  • If you are a user interested in the software reclaimer aspects of AppClarity you can focus on the software you want to reclaim.
  • If you are a SAM user interested in license compliance you can focus on the software you want to be compliant on.

To view software install counts across all devices you utilize the SLA Platform Inventory by Product and by Device screens to focus on the software and devices you are interested in.