Interactive installation of AppClarity, with screenshots.

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Installing AppClarity 7.0 interactively

Download AppClarity.msi from the 1E Support Portal.

1E will provide you with a Tachyon.lic license file that defines the products and features your Tachyon System is able to use, for how long, and how many devices it supports, this may be an evaluation or subscription license.

  • The license must be activated. Once activated, it may be used only by the Tachyon System that activated it.
  • Licenses can be renewed or updated, but if allowed to expire then the affected products or features will not be usable.
  • For a new installation, the Tachyon Setup program will let you select the license file from any folder on disk.
  • For an existing installation the license file is copied into the folder: %PROGRAMDATA%\1E\Licensing on your Tachyon Server.

For details of what the license file needs to contain, please refer to Design Considerations: License requirements for consumer applications.

On the same server where you installed the Tachyon 5.0 (Master Stack) server, run the installer using the following steps:

Start a command prompt with elevated rights using Run as administrator. Change directory to the location where you downloaded AppClarity.msi and run the following suggested command-line:

msiexec /i AppClarity.msi /l*v AppCInstaller.log

This runs the installer wizard with administrator rights and creates an installer log file in the local directory.

The following sections describe each installer screen.


The welcome screen, just click Next to continue.


License Agreement

You must read and accept this license information by clicking I accept the terms in the license agreement before you can continue with the installation. Once this is done click Next.

End User License Agreement

Software Lifecycle Automation Platform

On the Software Lifecycle Automation Platform screen enter the URL for the Tachyon website. If you installed Tachyon using the defaults with HTTPS enabled you should enter a URL similar to the following:


Where <TachyonServerDNSFQDN> refers to the DNS FQDN configured for the Tachyon server prior to installing Tachyon, for more information please refer to Tachyon 5.0 - Installing and upgrading. You will not be able to proceed unless the URL is confirmed as accurate when you click to the next screen.

Installation and upgrade of AppClarity also requires that the Tachyon service account has an SQL Login on the instance that hosts the SLA Platform databases with the dbcreator server role, as described in Preparation: Accounts needed to install AppClarity. You will need to confirm this is the case and check the checkbox Yes, above mentioned rights are provided before you can continue.

Click Next to continue.

Software Lifecycle Automation Platform


When you have completed the details, click Next and then Install to start installation.


Installation complete

When the installer completes, optionally check Show the Windows Installer log to display the APCInstaller.log, then click Finish to close the installer.

Install Wizard Completed