An overview of AppClarity features.

New features

The AppClarity 7.1.105 maintenance release contains a number of bug fixes:

  • Works with Tachyon Platform 5.2
  • No features or feature changes added in this maintenance release.

The main AppClarity 7.1 release contained the following features:

  • Works with Tachyon 5.1
  • Windows Server OS LDC
    • New license demand for core based licensing of Windows Server OS (calculated with-in Microsoft Core LDC)
    • Compliance calculation is now based on new license demand
  • Support for Currency Conversion
    • When you can set a default currency (other than USD) AppClarity now renders all reporting and financial numbers (or graphs) only in that set currency
  • New UI controls
    New UI controls have been added to improve the usability:
    • Report refresh - ability to refresh reports on individual pages, and the ability to view the status of the last report refresh
    • UI Controls - ability to choose columns as either shown or hidden on individual screens
  • Installation mode change
    • AppClarity installer is now included as an app with the Tachyon installer and can be installed and maintained this way
    • Hotfixing capability
  • Enhancements
    • Entitlement
      • New Active Entitlements Only toggle filter on Entitlement Summary page
      • The ability to export entitlement summary data
    • License Demand
      • Device names are now shown as hyperlinks on LDC reports
    • Compliance
      • Improved logic for rendering installs, and a new "Exempt" status on the compliance detailed table
      • Effective License Position (ELP) displayed for SQL Server components as it is for SQL Server entitlement
    • Reclaim
      • Reclaim product usage screen loading time is optimized for quick page load.

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