If you're planning on setting up a reclaim policy want to be sure what the impact will be, (i.e. on impacted devices, where software is no longer installed and reclaimed), can evaluate your policy before setting it up. By using Reclaim Evaluate you can identify devices where software would be:

  • Marked for Mandatory Uninstall (i.e. will be removed in upcoming mandatory reclaim cycle)
  • Marked for Optional Uninstall.

If, after you evaluate the policy and you're comfortable with the impacted devices, you can setup the policy the same reclaim actions. 

On this page:

Evaluating a Reclaim Policy

To evaluate a reclaim policy:

  1. Navigate to AppClarity→Reclaim→Policies and click New Policy.
  2. On New Policy screen, enter all the mandatory fields and all sections.
  3. Click Evaluate.

Refer to New Policy page for more details on how this page works.

The evaluate button generates a downloadable TSV file containing information about the devices and actions the policy contains.

Evaluate TSV

If you click evaluate on a published policy, you will get this warning message. Click on Yes and evaluate report is downloaded.

But, now this reclaim policy is converted into draft policy (i.e. not a reclaimable policy anymore). You will then have to go back click Publish again to move that policy back to published status and make it reclaimable. If you do not re-publish, none of the devices in your evaluate report will act on the policy.

Evaluate Button Warning