All the AppClarity-related tables of information, such as supported platforms, communications ports etc.

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Supported Platforms

A list of all the platforms supported by AppClarity and the software required to allow AppClarity to be installed and work correctly.

1E Companion Products

A list of the feature dependencies between AppClarity and other 1E companion products.

Communication Ports

Diagrams and links to tables for all the external communication ports used by Tachyon and locally installed consumer applications. Useful, if needed, for configuring network and device firewalls.

Installer properties

A list of the Windows installer properties for the AppClarity installer.

AppClarity page reference

A reference for the fields and tables on the pages in the AppClarity application.

Usage categories

Definitions of the four usage categories in the Product Usage report.

Entitlement import files

Definitions of each type of record that may be imported into an AppClarity entitlement repository.

AppClarity release information

Details of the AppClarity release history, current release notes and details of third-party licenses.

  • AppClarity features by release

    List of AppClarity features organized by the release they were implemented in. Links through to the features have been provided for convenience.

  • Third-party Licenses

    AppClarity uses no third party components directly. It is an SLA Platform consumer, and the SLA Platform maintains its own list of the 3rd party components it uses.


This is an alphabetically sorted list of all the pages in the AppClarity documentation, which you can use if you want to find a particular named page and you don't remember where exactly it lives in the documentation structure.


A glossary of AppClarity terminology.