Configuring the SCCM Uninstall Provider

Enable to the SCCM Uninstall provider to support the use of the SCCM custom Reclaim feature.

User role

Ensure you have Provider Configuration Administrator role assigned to enable/disable SCCM Uninstall provider configuration from Settings.

To switch the SCCM Uninstall on:

  1. Switch app to SettingsConfigurationProvider Configuration and select the Reclaimer provider type.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Slide the toggle to ON next to Reclaimer.
  4. Click Save.

Once the SCCM Uninstall provider configuration is set up, on the Provider Configuration screen, select SCCM Uninstall and click Test CM ConnectionA successful test connection ensures the provider configuration can connect with your SCCM server using the provided information and is ready to use.

To use the SCCM custom Reclaim, please refer to Reclaiming a product using SCCM Uninstall.

Provider Configuration

Edit provider configuration

Reclaim on