How to install AppClarity in your organization.

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AppClarity quick start installation 

These instructions are for a quick-start installation of AppClarity, for more detailed instructions on the options for installing AppClarity please refer to Installing AppClarity.

How to quickly install AppClarity and generate your first report. This is a quick start run through of the installation. In order for you to follow these steps we assume you:

  • Have a working installation of Tachyon. If Tachyon is not installed, please refer to the Tachyon 5.0 - Installing and upgrading guide
  • Have a valid license key for AppClarity
  • Are installing AppClarity onto the same server as Tachyon
  • Have access to the Tachyon primary user account.
The following steps guide you through the process of installing AppClarity and generating your first report.

Installing AppClarity

  1. Locate the AppClarity.msi folder
  2. Run a command-prompt as Administrator, navigate to the AppClarity.msi folder then enter the following command:

    msiexec /i AppClarity.msi /l*v APCInstaller.log

    This command starts the installer interactively with elevated permissions and creates an APCInstaller.log for troubleshooting.

  3. When the 1E AppClarity - InstallShield Wizard loads, click Next on the Welcome screen
  4. On the License Agreement screen select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
  5. On the Software Lifecycle Automation Platform screen enter the Tachyon URL.
    In our example we installed Tachyon using the default setting, so the URL is:


    Click Next to verify the URL.

  6. On the Install screen click Install to start the AppClarity installation.

  7. When the installer completes, optionally check Show the Windows Installer log to display the APCInstaller.log, and click Finish to close the installer.

Verifying the AppClarity installation

If you encounter any problems during implementation refer to the Verifying page for a more detailed investigation and possible remediation.

AppClarity is a consumer of Tachyon. To verify the installation browse to Tachyon and check if AppClarity shows in the Tachyon Portal landing page.

  1. Browse to the Tachyon website. In our example the URL is:

  2. You will be prompted to provide your details to sign in to the website. For example, ACME\APCInstaller01
  3. AppClarity is listed on the Tachyon Portal landing page, click AppClarity to open the app.
  4. AppClarity contains the following headings:
    • Entitlements
    • Compliance
    • License Demand
    • Reclaim.
  5. Expand the Compliance subheading and click on the License Position to view your License Compliance Summary (LDC). Notice how the page displayed has no data, this is because some reports need to be run before the information can be displayed.
  6. When AppClarity is installed two new types of repository are available:
    • Entitlement - holds your licenses
    • Compliance - holds your compliance position based on a combination of an Inventory repository and an Entitlement repository.
  7. To open Repositories, go to Switch App->Settings→Configuration and click Repositories
  8. When AppClarity is installed two new default repositories are created, one for each of the new repository types:
    • Default Compliance
    • Default Entitlement .