Diagrams and links to tables for all the external communication ports used by SLA and locally installed consumer applications. Useful, if needed, for configuring network and device firewalls.

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Connections diagram

The connections fundamentally depend on which platform you have chosen to implement Application Migration on. This may either be SLA Platform 3.3 or SLA provided as part of Tachyon 4.1.

SLA Platform 3.3

This diagram shows the SLA Platform, Catalog, Business Intelligence and local installed consumer applications. Your solution may not require all components.

The diagram below shows each product on a separate web server with remote SQL Server instances. The web server components can be combined on a single web server. The SQL Server database instances can be combined as a single instance, or multiple instances, on the same server, either local or remote from the web server. Each dotted box represents SQL databases that must be installed on the same SQL Server instance.

The SQL Server Analysis Services instance can be installed on the same server as the database instance(s).

Tachyon 4.1

The Tachyon 4.1 diagram shows Application Migration task sequence using HTTP/S 80/443, which is the default for a Tachyon installation. However, if you are upgrading from an SLA Platform 3.3 system that uses a different port, such as 8080, then Tachyon should be configured to use the different port when installing or upgrading. This affects the whole of the Tachyon website, but additional website bindings can be manually added later.

Tachyon 4.1 does not support AppClarity.

Firewall requirements

For details on the required ports for your selected platform, please refer to the appropriate one of the following links: