A list of the Windows installer properties for the Application Migration installer.

Application Migration

The installer file for Application Migration is: ApplicationMigration.msi

Ensure all steps on the Preparation page have been completed before installation.

Please refer to Installation: Installing Application Migration for more details about interactive and non-interactive installations.


Specify a valid Application Migration license key obtained from 1E.

Your license key will look like: ACMECO-123A-56B8-8C65-D321


The URL used to access the SLA Platform Web Site.

Test the URL by using a browser on the SLA Platform server.

Use the default localhost if it works, or specify the server name, or FQDN.

Use the HTTPS binding if it has been created and the HTTP binding has been deleted.


1E Task Sequence tools

The installer file for 1E Task Sequence tools is: 1ETaskSequenceTools.msi

There are no installer properties.

Install the Task Sequence Tools on the following systems:

  • The Configuration Manager Primary Site server. In a multi-site hierarchy, install it on the CAS and each primary site.
  • If any site has one or more remote SMS Providers, install it on each remote SMS Provider server
  • Any remote Configuration Manager console systems that are used to edit task sequences.

Please refer to Installation: Installing the 1E Task Sequence tools for more details.