In this section

  • Supported PlatformsA list of all the platforms supported by Application Migration and the software required to allow Application Migration to be installed and work correctly.
  • 1E Companion ProductsA list of the feature dependencies between Application Migration and other 1E companion products.
  • Communication PortsDiagrams and links to tables for all the external communication ports used by SLA and locally installed consumer applications. Useful, if needed, for configuring network and device firewalls.
  • Installer propertiesA list of the Windows installer properties for the Application Migration installer.
  • Creating a rule to retain an applicationA retain migration rule reinstalls the same version of the application during the migration.
  • Creating a rule to upgrade an applicationAn upgrade migration rule upgrades an existing application to a newer version.
  • Creating a rule to replace an applicationA replace migration rule replaces an application with an alternative. This is useful for standardizing on common tools such as file compression applications.
  • Get migration settingsProvides support for encryption in PBA. Also enables PBA to be used for computer replace scenarios. This task can be configured to run under either the capture phase or the restore phase. Its behavior differs depending on which phase it's run under.
  • Release notes