Application Migration 2.5.200 release notes – last updated 

These release notes contain late-breaking information about Application Migration. For the most up-to-date information, see the online release notes and known issues.

New features

This 2.5.200 maintenance release contains the following enhancements:

The 2.5.100 maintenance release contained the following enhancements:

  • Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2
  • Support for changes made in SLA Platform v3.3.

The 2.5 main release introduced the following features:

Release history   Maintenance release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.5.200.4)

  • Tachyon 4.1 compatibility
  • Application Migration data backup and restore.
  • Improved UI experience for product exclusion.

Contained fixes

  • 184141 - Rules deleted when product with special characters is excluded   Maintenance release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.5.100.2)

  • Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2
  • Support for changes made in SLA Platform v3.3

Contained fixes:

  • 149325 – AppMig Rules and Exclusions mysteriously disappearing   Minor release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.5.0.62)

  • Changes related to Unreported usage string in Platform
  • Role Based Sets to support new computers.
  • Ability to import application migration rules in bulk from Excel.
  • Support for Inplace and Wipe and Load scenarios.
  • Enhancements in Task Sequence tools to support Inplace, Refresh, Replace and New computer deployments.

Contained fixes:

  • 121345 – Not able to navigate "away" from Non-normalized tab to a different tab
  • 121665 – Editing an existing migration rule results in a loop where "searching" is displayed below the version field
  • 131035 – Shopping and AppMigration Integration use different domains   Major release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.0.0.6)

  • Ability to configure migration rules by management group.
  • Ability to configure migration rules using the product's colloquial versions instead of its full version.
  • Ability to exclude applications from the migration that have no relevance to your organization.

Contained fixes:

  • 87987 – App-Migration products version with more than four variants are greyed out
  • 108272 – New AppMigration rule freezes pane
  • 107081 – Exclusions not displaying after a refresh
  • 107669 – License key is major version specific  Major release (including TaskSequence Tools v1.0.0.44)

Initial release of Application Migration:

  • Inventory and usage
  • Migration Rules
  • Quick preview
  • Task sequence tools