A general methodology for investigating issues with Application Migration, as well as identifying key issues and resolutions. 

When troubleshooting problems with Application Migration, you should check:

  • that the system meets the Prerequisites. If these are met, look at the following set of logs for troubleshooting any issue
  • the list of Known issues to see if the issue your have found is already reported and has a suitable work around.

Here are details of Application Migration Log Files:

Log Files

Since Application Migration is hosted as a consumer in SLA Platform, it utilizes the same log files.

Report related errors:

In case of any error related to report sync of Application Migration, you need to check %ProgramData%/1E/SLA Platform/Engine.Log

Web/Front-end errors: 

In case of any error related to UI interface of Application Migration, you need to check %ProgramData%/1E/SLA Platform/Web.Log

Task Sequence errors:

All the errors which occur in task sequence will be logged into smsts log in client machine, where the task sequence is targeted

Troubleshooting Issues

License Expired

If your license has expired you will still be able to work with Application Migration UI but will not be able to migrate a device. In particular:

    • The rules creation, preview and management features will work 
    • The Task sequence API will log a "license expired" message and won't return list of applications to be installed to Task sequence

To relicense Application Migration with a new license key, follow the process in Relicensing Application Migration

Unexpected behavior in the UI

    • Launch Fiddler or network tab of web browser and check the request with some error code
    • If a detailed error is not logged into the web.log file you will need to perform the following additional steps:
      1. Open Web.config file located at %ProgramFiles%\1E\SLA Platform\UI
      2. Add node <customErrors mode="Off" />  under <System.Web>
      3. Run fiddler again or launch browser network tab
      4. Restore web.config file of step#2 to original state

Unexpected loss of rules and other data related to Application Migration

Recent fixes have resolved a known issue where rules and other data were lost unexpectedly. To mitigate against any other possible causes for this issue a data backup and restore mechanism is now provided as part of the Application Migration database. When using this version of Application Migration, if you experience this or a similar issue please contact 1E support as soon as the issue occurs for details on how to restore the data from the backup.