An upgrade migration rule upgrades an existing application to a newer version.

Adding upgrade rules

To do this:

  1. On the Installations page, on the Vendor column click the filter icon and narrow the results down with the criteria contains Adobe.
  2. Click the checkbox in the left-hand column for Acrobat Reader and click Add rule.
  3. On the New Migration Rule page, choose Upgrade application for the behavior of the rule. 

  4. In Source Application, the attributes for Acrobat Reader are already populated and the wildcard box is automatically checked.

  5. As we want to upgrade all instances of Adobe Acrobat 9 to Adobe Acrobat DC, in Usage check Any Usage.

  6. In Target Application click Version and choose the following value DC.
  7. As this version of Adobe Acrobat DC Reader is not already associated with a Configuration Manager package or application, you must make the association for it to be installed.

  8. In AssociationCM Application/Package from the list of applications, choose Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  9. Click Save and Close.
  10. On the Manage Rules page In Title, search for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to view a summary of the rule you just created.

Vendor contains Adobe

What happens in upgrade scenarios where the currently installed version of the application is later than the target application?

In upgrade rules where the source version is specified as a wild card, it is possible that versions of the source application in the upgrade rule, that are already installed on the client devices, actually have a later version than the target specified in the upgrade rule.

In versions prior to Application Migration 3.1, the upgrade rule would try to replace the source application already installed on the client device with an earlier target application version, which would result in one of the following possibilities:

  • the application would be downgraded
  • the application would remain at the later version and the Application Migration rule would fail
  • the application in the upgrade rule would be installed in parallel with the existing later version.

To remedy these unpredictable and unwanted results, in Application Migration 3.1, if an upgrade rule tries to downgrade an application then it will be ignored.