Application Migration 3.1 release notes – last updated 

These release notes contain late-breaking information about Application Migration. For the most up-to-date information, see the online release notes and known issues.

New features

  • Improvements to upgrade rules to support scenarios where the currently installed software has a later version than the one listed in the upgrade rule - In versions prior to Application Migration 3.1, it was possible that upgrade rules had issues when the application they were trying to upgrade on the client devices were later versions than the ones they were trying to upgrade to. To remedy these unpredictable and unwanted results, now if an upgrade rule tries to downgrade an application then it will be ignored. For more details please refer to Adding a rule to upgrade an application: What happens in upgrade scenarios where the currently installed version of the application is later than the target application?
  • Application and Package installation success has been improved  - this handles scenarios where the administrator has forgotten to check the Allow this application to be installed from the Install Application task sequence action without being deployed checkbox, which is a prerequisite for migrating an application. In practice, it was a common error for administrators to overlook this, which - in earlier versions - led to the Task Sequence failing. In Application Migration 3.1, if the administrator forgets to set the checkbox, a warning is now displayed that lets the administrator continue and Application Migration sets the option automatically. For more details please refer to Getting started with Application Migration: Auto Install for Configuration Manager Applications and Packages
  • Multiple exclusion of applications is now supported from the Installations page - please refer to Managing product exclusions.

Release history  Major Release

  • Enable MultiSelect Exclusions.
  • Applications should not be downgraded during In-place Upgrade.
  • Enable CM App/Program to be installed from a TS without being deployed (Enable Dynamic App install)   Major release

  • Tachyon 5.0 application with new user interface
  • Manage association of Configuration Manager applications and packages independently of migration rules
  • Identify orphaned Configuration Manager applications or packages
  • Export device migration preview data
  • Role-based access control   Maintenance release 

  • Tachyon 4.1 compatibility
  • Application Migration data backup and restore.
  • Improved UI experience for product exclusion.
  • TaskSequence Tools now separate package v2.5.200.4 (removed from AppMigration)

Contained fixes

  • 184141 - Rules deleted when product with special characters is excluded   Maintenance release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.5.100.2)

  • Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2
  • Support for changes made in SLA Platform v3.3

Contained fixes:

  • 149325 – AppMig Rules and Exclusions mysteriously disappearing   Minor release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.5.0.62)

  • Changes related to Unreported usage string in Platform
  • Role Based Sets to support new computers.
  • Ability to import application migration rules in bulk from Excel.
  • Support for Inplace and Wipe and Load scenarios.
  • Enhancements in Task Sequence tools to support Inplace, Refresh, Replace and New computer deployments.

Contained fixes:

  • 121345 – Not able to navigate "away" from Non-normalized tab to a different tab
  • 121665 – Editing an existing migration rule results in a loop where "searching" is displayed below the version field
  • 131035 – Shopping and AppMigration Integration use different domains   Major release (including TaskSequence Tools v2.0.0.6)

  • Ability to configure migration rules by management group.
  • Ability to configure migration rules using the product's colloquial versions instead of its full version.
  • Ability to exclude applications from the migration that have no relevance to your organization.

Contained fixes:

  • 87987 – App-Migration products version with more than four variants are greyed out
  • 108272 – New AppMigration rule freezes pane
  • 107081 – Exclusions not displaying after a refresh
  • 107669 – License key is major version specific  Major release (including TaskSequence Tools v1.0.0.44)

Initial release of Application Migration:

  • Inventory and usage
  • Migration Rules
  • Quick preview
  • Task sequence tools